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We are strategic thinkers, and creators are a team. We strive to create beautiful and useful products.

Linlax InfoTech Pvt. Ltd possesses both the diversity and flexibility to continue to be committed to a variety of projects, medium or enterprise, without compromising on the quality & dedication. Our Flexibility extends to management style, project life cycle, and technology used in our development work.

We exhibit world-class quality in delivering Application/Web development and prominent products across all industry verticals with utmost precision in functionality. Linlax is a force of innovation, continuous improvisation, profound solution - a group of highly motivated professional with adept capabilities.

Our Products

We have developed numerous software product as per clients need and it will be fully customized as per customer requirement. We follow sophisticated product development lifecycle processes, governed by our quality management system, which ensures the highest reliability and on time delivery. We Developed innovative & creative Products like Web-based Automation, Online Exam portal, School Automation Software, Question Bank Software, Automatic Question Preparation Software, Online Product & Magazine Store, Business websites and more user-friendly software.